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Zapp Laser Studio
Laser Tattoo Removal in Bristol

For laser tattoo removal in Bristol, our clinic has a state of the art PicoSure Laser and a very experienced tattoo removal expert to remove every type or colour of tattoo.  Whether you would like to have a small piece of writing removed or a whole sleeve, our Bristol studio is equipped to remove it as quickly, safely and effectively as possible.  Because our PicoSure laser is the most advanced on the market, we can often completely remove tattoos and never leave any scarring.

Where to find us:

Zapp Laser Studio,
50 Fairfax St,

Tel: 01173 328289

Fastest & Safest Laser Tattoo Removal in Bristol

Our Bristol clinic is 100% dedicated to laser tattoo removal.  We can remove any colour of tattoo as our laser uses two different wave lengths to target certain colours.  As such, we can completely remove 95% of tattoos and significantly fade all tattoos to allow for effective cover ups.  The PicoSure tattoo removal laser we use at our Bristol clinic fires much more quickly than normal lasers and literally blasts the tattoo ink particles apart so they can be absorbed naturally into the body.  This method of tattoo removal is far more effective than other methods so fewer sessions are needed to fade or totally remove tattoos.

Dan Leonard is fully trained and highly experienced in removing all sizes, shapes and colours of tattoos.  He has removed literally hundreds of tattoos from all kinds of people including those who only have one tattoo to those whose whole bodies are covered in tattoos.  Being so experienced, he can advise you on things like how long each tattoo removal session will roughly take and when your tattoo is faded enough to be covered over effectively.

Our Bristol studio is very close to a bus stop and just over 15 minutes’ walk from Bristol Temple Meads train station.  It’s also very close to Castle Park ferry terminal.  On street parking is available costing £2 for two hours and there are car parks very close by.

We are located just on the edge of Bristol’s shopping quarter so are surrounded by places to eat and drink including Café Nero, Starbucks, KFC, Subway and a restaurant called La Grotta on our road.  Just a short walk away is St Nicholas Market which is also surrounded by pubs and restaurants.

Bristol’s Castle Park is almost within sight of our studio and within the park is the historic Bristol Castle, St Peter’s Church and the Medieval Vaults.  We are also very close to The Crypt of St John and the statues of Neptune, Edmund Burke and Edward Colston.  Being located in the shopping quarter also, obviously, means there are a large number of shops to visit.

As stated above, Castle Park is our most prominent local landmark but we are also close to St James’ Park and The Bearpit.  We’re also near to the old city, the river and the Castle Bridge footbridge.

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